EarthDesk Crack 7.3.2 (64-bit) + License Key Free Download

EarthDesk Crack 7.3.2 (64-bit) + License Key Free Download

EarthDesk Crack 7.3.2 (64-bit) a beautiful, real-time, HD image of the Earth from space can be displayed on your PC with EarthDesk for PC 64bit, continuously updating in the background as you work on your computer. Seeing the world’s most breathtaking views is as easy as clicking a button! Sit back and let the map do the work for you, then you can sit back and relax while the map does the job. You can imagine looking out the window of a spaceship orbiting the earth. Now imagine that view on your desktop. 

As it moves for the day, portraying live information, it’s an extraordinary wellspring of data. With countless such alternatives readily available, looking at the Earth from space has never been simpler! Seeing the pattern of day and late evening clearing over the Earth is excellent. EarthDesk Crack 7.3.2 (64-bit) is a vivified backdrop that shows the world guide with a sensible showcase of lit and shaded regions.

The application replaces your static backdrop with the Earth map, total with city enlightenment, and is close to continuous cloud inclusion. It replaces your static wallpaper with an Earth map, with city illumination and satellite coverage close to real-time. An intuitive tile-based interface makes it easy to configure the program.

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So, when you log into your account, EarthDesk will launch automatically when you log in so that it runs at system startup. Restoring the original desktop picture is possible if you quit the application and relaunch it. To center the map, the app comes with over 10,000 cities worldwide. These can be selected by ticking a simple checkbox.

You can then center the map after one of the selected cities rather than the Greenwich Meridian or any other option. EarthDesk Crack 7.3.2 (64-bit) can likewise show close, continuous satellite pictures of cloud developments everywhere in the world. The program regularly refreshes the high-goal cloud pictures, while the low-res mists are downloaded like clockwork. 

Furthermore, you can mess with the mists’ power, difference, and update recurrence. Other guides delivering choices are additionally accessible. In this way, you can pick a picture type (Living Earth Satellite, Natural Color, Political and Shaded Relief), just as concealing (Real Moonlight, Full Moonlight, Variable Moonlight, No Moonlight, or Daylight as it were). 

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With everything considered, EarthDesk Crack 7.3.2 (64-bit) is a pleasant program that can keep you engaged since it’s continually evolving. Unpracticed clients should have no issues introducing and modifying this application because of the natural design. This program lets you see real clouds, the sun, the moon, city lighting, and more in near real-time. 

A tool like this isn’t just a pretty picture on a screen. In addition, it’s an excellent source of information since it changes throughout the day, depicting live data as it happens. With so many options available, it has never been easier to observe the Earth from space! Unpracticed clients should be pleasing introduce and modify this application because of the intuitive format. Envision a work area backdrop that really ‘lives’ continuously. 

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That is, by and large, what the creators of EarthDesk have endeavored, making a live guide of the globe that shows steady light and cloud conditions. EarthDesk highlights three guide sees (Political, Natural Color, and Living Earth Satellite), 11 projections, and urban communities. You have numerous choices that cover how the Earth is projected onto your work area.

The focus of the guide and how you need it to invigorate. Note that EarthDesk doesn’t introduce itself as an independent application – it just loads as an inclination sheet from where you can control it. You’re given the arrangement alternatives when you submit the EarthDesk in your inclination sheet.

Key Features:


Mercator, azimuthal, and equirectangular projections are available in EarthDesk as a globe with a starfield background.


Choose from 10,000 locations to center on latitude/longitude, an area relative to the sun or moon, or a point close to the earth. Even more centering options are available if you subscribe to a data service.

Map Labels

Using EarthDesk’s maps, cities can be grouped by category and pinpointed with multicolor labels. It is possible to define labels per screen to maximize the versatility of the application.


In addition to operating in the background, EarthDesk for Windows consumes few resources. Only the beautiful picture will be visible on your desktop when it is running.

Multiple Screens

Multiple screens can be used simultaneously on one, two, or three monitors. You can display different maps on each screen or say the same map on all of them.

Live Cloud Images

With our free cloud image service every six hours, EarthDesk has free access to 2-megapixel global cloud images.


Here is a list of earthquakes taking place around the world as they happen, with a display of the minimum magnitude, a choice of the number of days they remain, and a fade out of older earthquakes.

A list of named storms can be found below

Track major tropical storms, cyclones, typhoons, and hurricanes. Choose how to label the battery and whether to display the Safir-Simpson category.

What’s New?

  • A bug in the tropical storm data caused a crash when corrupted data was received, which was fixed now.
  • A bug has been fixed in EarthDesk, which caused it to skip a cloud download cycle if it was woken from sleep within 15 minutes of a scheduled update when it awoke from sleep.
  • Additional error logging in the subscription-based data feeds.

System Requirements:

  • Windows 7 64bit/Windows 8 64bit/Windows 10 64bit
  • 1 GB of RAM
  • 30 MB for the arrangement
  • Internet association

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